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I woke our visitors with The Bloodhound Gang's Three Point One Four. Haley, Rach and I piled in the car at 7 and drove down to Salem to pick up the pies and take them to my aunt Tia's for baking. Grandma was there, and we visited with her and Tia for a bit before taking off.

Cory and Joel had already gone to the park by the time we got back, so we didn't stay at the apartment long - we loaded the car with some rehearsal stuff and the dog, and went to 185th Ave. to get safety pins. We looked for little wooden fans but couldn't find any over there, so we started off towards Washington Square. Haley found a Thai imports store partway there, so we went in and found some fans that would do. They were painted a bit (with dragons and stuff) but I didn't care at that point.

Then we stopped at Washington Square and I got my ring cleaned, and we set off for the park. There were a couple of rangers up at the shelter who were filling a hole with dirt, and the boys were there too. We played badminton a bit, but I was busy setting things up and getting things organized so I didn't play that much. People started drifting in (mostly my family) and Cory and 2 of his groomsmen went off to get pizza. They took FOREVER. (I found out later that it was Mike's fault - he wanted to get watermelons and lemonade and stuff for some reason.)

Meanwhile, all 30+ guests got there, and I was trying to mingle and introduce people to other people but I wasn't doing a god job, and I felt awkward. Everybody was apart in groups - his family, my family, our friends. Oh well. The boys finally showed up, and we had pizza and watermelon. Then we got down to business - sorta. I finally got everybody together and showed them where to stand and where the aisle would be, and we started trying it with the music. We did it something like 4 or 5 times. Anna was done after the first time. I kept having to talk to people and iron out details, and everyone kept calling me from every direction, so every run-through had to wait for 10 minutes in-between. I felt really bad. But I kept doing weird things when I went down the aisle to entertain people - I danced weirdly, and one time I put something in my shirt to look like I was pregnant, and Cory high-fived all his groomsmen when he saw me.

After we couldn't rehearse anymore, my aunt had some other family members run through a couple more times to make sure the timing was right. My wedding party were already playing badminton again when I had to ask them to move tables (which we'd done when we first got there and again when Mom got there) and I wasn't very popular. (They were REALLY heavy tables - it took 6 of us if we wanted to strain ourselves.) Then, after setting up the lights and stuff, all the guests went home and I cleaned up and we played badminton again, and then went home.

We took Laura (a groomsman's wife) with us since Adam was going to be camping with the guys. Haley and Laura took showers, and then I went in and it felt SO GOOD. I had the dirtiest feet from walking around in the dirt in my sandals. Then I took a bath and took a pumice stone to my feet and relaxed with minerals for a bit. When I got out, I painted my fingernails and toenails (pearly! Yay!) and went off to bed at about midnight. Of course, that messed up my not-quite-dry fingernails.
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