Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

The wedding night!
We went straight downtown, smiling and holding hands all the way, and waving to people who honked at us, but not before stopping at the edge of McIver park to check and see if Cory had his toiletries (of course he didn't, because his groomsmen didn't put them into the car like they were supposed to). A girl with a bathing suit on and an innertube was in a pickup parked near us, about to go into the river, but she stared at us for a couple of minutes and then asked "What's this all about?!" Heh.

Anyway, we went to the Hotel Vintage Plaza and went to check in. The lady at the desk said we were the calmest post-wedding couple she'd ever seen, which was weird to us - the hard part was over!

The door to the hotel room was heavy, but Cory carried me over the threshold anyway, and threw me on the bed. (Edited for newlywed stuff - hubba hubba!) The hotel room was gorgeous, even though it wasn't a corner room like I hoped it'd be. It didn't really matter anyway. We were SO tired. We ordered room service for the first time, and I took a shower while we were waiting for it to come. I climbed back into (the king-sized pillow-top) bed naked when I was done, and the room service guy came right in and set dinner on the bed. Eek! I suppose they're used to worse things. I had some sort of spaghetti with tomato sauce and pancetta and asiago, and Cory had kind of a tortellini - we didn't know what was in it, but it was GOOD. And we had bread & olive oil, and tiramisu for dessert. We scarfed it all down while watching a dog show on Animal Planet. We forgot toothpaste (it was in the toiletries bag that didn't make it into the car) so we couldn't brush our teeth, but we went to sleep at about 7 so it didn't matter. I woke up at 9:30 and 11:30, and then Cory woke up at 3am and was ready to get going. So we had a bit of time to wake up, and Cory made coffee in the room, and we went home early to wake up Joel and search for my keys and Cory's toiletries. (We had to pack the car with the honeymoon stuff too, and grab the dog.) We looked through the things Rachel brought home with her, but didn't find what we needed, so we packed the car, said goodbye to Joel who headed out so we could use the key he'd borrowed from Cory, and decided to go to Mike's house to try and find our stuff in the things he had in his Jeep. We opened our gifts while we were waiting for a good time to wake Mike up, and headed over there at about 5. Cory found his toiletries but I didn't see my keys. And then we started off going east on 84!

One thing I think I forgot to say about the wedding - a friend of Dad's side of the family has a little boy who's no older than 5, I think. He likes to run around without pants on, apparently - Mom asked Rachel to go over there and see if she could get him to put his pants back on, as he was... shall we say flapping in the breeze... and so she went up to him and said "you have no pants!" and he smiled and said "That's OK!" and ran off to play somewhere else. Silly boy.
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