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Cory was in unfamiliar territory by Biggs, OR, but the first leg was the way I went to MN (and the way I came back), so I vaguely recognized landmarks. But all in all, it was quite an uneventful drive from Portland to Missoula, MT. We were typical newlyweds, looking at our rings and holding hands and being happy. We'd taken the yarn and signs off the car, but the soap writing on the windows were still there, which made it a bit hard to see sometimes. We passed through Starbuck, WA, and Syringa, ID. We stopped in Orofino, ID for coffee, and drove 77 miles of windy (as in winding, not breezy) highway next to the Lochsa river. We got to Missoula, MT at about 7 mountain time, and had burgers and beer at a restaurant/casino called Montana Club, which had deer/moose trophies on the wall. The waitress was trying to convince us to go to The Rhino for full moon night, where drinks were really cheap. We realized at dinner that it was really hard to drop hints about being on our honeymoon so we could get free stuff. :) We stayed at the Super 8, which was a big change from the Vintage Plaza, but was still nice.

We got out of town a bit later than expected because we wanted to go to REI and get another collapsible bowl for Remmy, as the one we had leaked pretty bad. But they were out of bowls so we basically waited around until after 10 for nothing. And then we hit the road. We drove by a river for awhile and watched rafters float down, and we listened to a radio report about a fugitive named Shawn Savage being loose in the area we were driving through. Not much else happened in that leg, really. We stopped in Butte, MT at Taco Johns and talked to an old man about our trip. We took 191 down, which goes into Yellowstone (and WY) for a few miles and goes back out, and then hits West Yellowstone (where we stopped for gas) and goes east into the park.

It took less than half an hour to figure out how best to find wildlife: find a group of cars parked on the shoulder, and follow where they're pointing. We slowed way down at one point, and found out it was because a huge bison was standing near the road. There was a motorcycler just ahead of us, and he started pointing out the animals for us. We were sad when he turned one way at a junction and we turned the other way.

We got to our campsite and had hot dogs and pork & beans and s'mores, and were SO happy to have our new sleeping bags and blow-up bed! Really comfy. Thanks, Joel! We had to pack everything up in the car before bed because we were in bear country. We didn't see any bears, though. We did see a pint pot, though, on the way to the campsite - boiling clay in a rock "bowl." Smelled like Easter! We realized at the campsite that it was hard to tell if people were leaving or not because everybody was always packing things up to keep them away from bears.

After dinner, we played Cribbage and Cory won for the first time ever! (That's one vow down!) (I just realized I may not have posted our vows. Anyone want to see them?) We also turned on our new 2-way radios and found some kids from a couple of sites down talking to each other. One girl was trying to get Justin to come back for dinner. I asked her what was for dinner and she told me. I think she thought I was Justin. We started going low on batteries so we turned the radios off and went to bed nice and early.
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