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We made pancakes and bacon after getting up at 8am. Really messy, but hands down the BEST camping breakfast I'd ever had! We packed everything but the tent and stuff, and set out sightseeing.

First up was Old Faithful. We had to wait a long time to see it, as it was just finishing up when we there, but there are a ton of geysers in that area so we took a little walk around and looked at them while we were waiting. Geysers are SO NEAT! It made me want to learn more about geology. (Temporarily, that is.) We got a WPA poster in the gift shop and mailed out a batch of post cards. Then we went back to West Yellowstone. (First though, we went by Excelsior geyser - it was a big, steamy, sulphur-smelling lake. It stunk, and we got alternating hot and cold drafts depending on whether the wind was helping us out or not.) It was so hot in the city that we walked around all cranky and sweaty, and didn't get any souvenirs. But we did get root beer floats. We only spent half an hour there, aned then we did the big Yellowstone loop.

There were several other geysers and mudpots and things that we looked at, and it was weird to see green boiling stuff in the foreground and beautiful hills and trees in the background. Yellowstone Lake was huge and really pretty. We stopped at the general store by our campground and looked at things and got some postcards, and went back to our site. I'd gotten a sunburn on the tops of my thighs, so I tried to keep from hurting them on things all night. We played more cribbage and went to bed when it was still really light out.

We woke up at 5:30 after almost 10 hours of sleep. Since almost everything was packed up, it didn't take us long to get going. We headed south and went into the Grand Teton National Park. We had no idea how beautiful it was going to be! We took a LOT of pictures. It was perfect lighting, with the sun coming in from just over the horizon behind us (it was 7:30am or so). The sun made the mountains all soft. And it was an added bonus that the mountains were called breasts - every time we saw a mountain later, we called it a Teton. We stopped at Colter Bay Village and took a little walk down to the edge of Jackson Lake with Remmy. We didn't stay long, though, because the mosquitoes were HUGE and started eating us up. We hit the gift shop and got an ugly stuffed buffalo for Remmy to chew on (Cory named him Moskie, the skeeter eater for some reason) and a moose with a big round body and a little tiny head. We looked for another poster but couldn't find anything.

Just south of the village we went east and left the park, and drove the rest of the way through WY. Up in the hills just outside of the park, we spotted two moose and took a couple of pictures of 'em. WY was really hot and really boring. I drove part of it but it made me nervous. We stopped in Dubois for breakfast and in Rawlins for lunch. There were lots of bikers all over. We wondered where they were going/coming from. At a rest stop, we parked next to a van with a dead bird stuck to the front of it!

We hit Colorado in the early evening and it was trying to rain but it was really hot. Remmy had a good time at a rest stop with her balll. We got to Denver at about 6 and went right downtown to see Larimer Square. We had Remmy with us so we couldn't go inside of many shops, but we did go into a retroish cowboy shop to see if there were any fun kitschy things to buy (which there wasn't). Cory got coffee at the first Starbucks we'd seen since Portland, and got a Denver mug too. We started driving surface streets towards our hotel and got freaked out looking at all the scary trashy motels everywhere. Eww. But our motel, which was just off the highway, was really nice. They didn't have any normal rooms left, so they gave us a meeting room with a pull-down-from-the-wall bed. It was weird. There were a bunch of chairs in there and a white board in a cupboard. And lots of floor space. Cory washed up our camping dishes and I did a load of laundry, and we both took nice long showers. They felt WONDERFUL. I ordered really bad Thai food and paid $37 for it, and we watched a show about Colorado State Prison. Cory just about fell asleep several times, and as soon as the laundry was done I turned the thermostat down and joined him.
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