Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I should write more often.

Yesterday solteronita came over to help me make a slipcover for the couch. I've never seen ready-made slipcovers for couches without padded arms - the arms on our couch are wooden, which is nice for putting glasses on since we don't have a dining room table. I've wanted to have some sort of slipcover for awhile now, but because of wedding planning I hadn't gotten around to anything more than measuring the couch and drawing up a really simple plan (which was basically just one long piece of material draped over and tucked and tied in places).

Anyway, Nicoal came over and we went to the JoAnn Fabrics out on 185th and looked through rolls and bolts of home decor fabric, seeing nothing we liked except for a green drapery fabric that was dry-clean only as well as $18 a yard. So we went to another JoAnn that I'd never been into on Cedar Hills (it was kinda creepy - hard to find a door to get into it, it was hiding around a corner) and the first thing I saw was what I bought. I ended up buying about ten yards of it, because I wanted to have enough to make accent things with it, and I still have a few yards left. Then Nicoal and I watched A Wedding Story featuring Katie Harman, the girl we went to high school with, while she cut and I sewed. I didn't do a very good job with the seams, but it was a quick job and you can't tell they're wavy. I apparently am very talented at jamming the machine, but I think it's because the tension was wrong or something. The plate under the foot didn't seem to move the fabric very well.

Anyway, I hemmed the edges and put a couple of ties in, and it looks very nice. You can see the couch on the side a bit because of the way the frame is attached, but oh well. We had dinner and picked blackberries and I made two pillow covers as well, and since the new fabric kind of matches the old upholstery, I just used the old pillows and got two new, smaller ones at the fabric store to cover. I'm very proud of myself.

Today, we went to our best man's house to make sure his cat was OK. Mike's in Alaska for a couple of weeks. And we went to Cost Plus and grabbed some more bowls because I dropped one and broke it, and because I wanted 4 instead of 2. And now we're working on overhauling the web site with honeymoon photos, so check it out. We've got the honeymoon part is done, but the wedding part isn't quite ready yet.

Phew. I'm ready for ice cream with some blackberries on top.
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