Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Mmm, rain. And thunder and very large bolts of lightning. The lights flickered in here a couple of times, and the first floor's electricity went out for a few seconds.

I love this. I went out on the shipping dock and stood in the rain when it started, when the drops were huge and mixed with sleet or hail, and just smelled. Well, I didn't just smell, I had to stop a few times because the dumpsters are right next to the dock, so when I was downwind it stunk. But other than that, I just smelled.

I used to sit on the porch swing with Haley and watch the lightning and smell the rain. We used to wonder if the lightning would ever hit the huge D-fir tree in the front yard, but it never did. I remember last fall when Cory and I walked around downtown Corvallis with peacoats and umbrellas and wet pant legs. It makes me want October to be here that much more.

Hmm. I just remembered we have to take (what will be a very muddy) Remmy out to play when I get off work. There goes my excitement.
Tags: weather
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