Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,


On Monday, we went to Washington Square to drop off my wedding ring to get sized and soldered. The guy I hate was working there. He was just weird during the first time we were there, but every time I went in after that he was pompous and thought he knew more than he did. When we went in this time, he saw us coming and practically threw himself at us until he realized I just needed work on the rings I'd already had, and he wasn't going to get any commission from me. So then he disappeared, but not before being disgusted at me for licking my finger to get the rings off. He told the lady that she should get a tissue to touch the rings with since I licked my finger, and he talked like it was a travesty.

So my ring is gone and I'm wearing an amethyst until it's back, so that I don't suddenly realize that I have no ring on and freak out.

Last night we drove out to Roy, Oregon, and drove around the area looking for a good place to see meteors. To no avail, unfortunately. But we did drive through a really pretty (and kinda spooky) foresty place, and we found Kansas City, Oregon. (Aren't there enough cities named Kansas City?) We sat in a spot for about five minutes and then decided we were tired so we went home.

Tonight we will clean like crazy after we're done visiting Mike's lonely cat, and tomorrow we will have chicken and bread and salad and wine with Adam and Laura. They've been married for about five years, and it's nice to talk about marriage with them - they're just learning a lot of things about each other and about marriage that they like to give us advice on.
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