Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Today I was waiting for a break in the cars so I could turn left from my left-turn lane, so I could go to work. I was first in line, with a motorcycle behind me. I thought I heard a policeman's siren, so I hesitated for a sec even though there was a small gap, and the motorcycle fucking passed me in the oncoming lane so he could turn left to get in front of me. Ooh, I was so mad.

Mike got back from his trip last night instead of on Saturday, so instead of going to Lake Oswego to love his kitty, we're going to go to McMenamin and love some beer. And I have to go to Michael's to get some yarn for a baby gift, and I have to go to Fred Meyer for laundry soap. I have too much to do.

This weekend I get to see my friend Erin who's been in Japan for a year! Boy would I love to save up enough money to see her there. She should be back in Japan for a couple more years before she moves back to the US, and that'd be the perfect way to see Japan - with someone who I know well and who can show me around and translate for me. Since I forgot virtually all the Japanese I ever learned. Sadness.

OK, I'm leaving. Ten minutes is too long to wait. Cloudy afternoon, here I come!
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