Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yesterday we were treated with really annoying Mexican music from the truck in front of the building behind us. Again. He started a couple of weekends ago, where he'd turn it way up and the bass would shake the floors way over here, and then he'd turn it down. And then he'd turn it up and then he'd turn it down. Like he was working on his speakers or something. With all the doors open for some weird reason. So last night Cory and I grabbed our 2-way radios and I set out to put a note on the windshield of that truck asking them to keep their music down because it was annoying. I took the dog with me so I had an excuse if someone saw me stalking about. Remmy had a good pee, and then we walked past the truck to stake out the area, and then I ran up and stuck the note in and walked nonchalantly away. It was much more dramatic than it needed to be, but it was fun.

On Wednesday I get the wedding pictures! I'm excited to finally have all the good pictures in an album to show people. I'll probably be sending out a mass email to our out-of-town wedding guests who might want to see them but won't be able to see them in person.

Tomorrow I have to work? What happened to the weekend?

Oh yeah, and I finished the baby afghan I made for my coworker's baby. I made it bigger than the pattern said. And it's soft. But boy is it hard to crochet when my fingers are sweaty. Ugh. Next I will attempt to make a bear in bunny clothes without the carrot. But the little baby shower is on Wednesday morning so I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it. Oh well, if I don't I can give it to my other coworker who's pregnant.

Tags: crochet
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