Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Today was a long day. Tomorrow, I'm sure, will prove even longer.

I wore my new shoes today. The shoes that I bought only after walking around in the store, trying to decide whether they were going to be comfortable or not. I decided they'd be fine. However, walking a quarter mile to work and then walking back and forth in the building for two hours proved me wrong. (From the front desk to the floor just above where I work, the 2 extremes of my building, it's a quarter mile. And I walk around there several times a day.) So I broke down and called Cory and asked him to bring me some more comfortable shoes, which he did, the sweetie. (I tried again after work to wear nicer shoes, a different pair, but luckily I took my other shoes with me because I could barely walk out to the car without hurting again. So sandals were worn for the rest of the day.)

Tomorrow, I have to cover for a lady down at the front desk, AND we have a huge project in the mailroom that needs to be done by 11:30am. And my supervisor, who's the only other person who could help, is gone tomorrow. And then on Tuesday, a guy in shipping is gone for the day and my supervisor is coming in late (meaning after the big shipping rush is over, which actually may not end up being over because there's going to be a huge load of mail in addition to the huge load of packages). I was so happy to be done covering for people! Argh.

I wonder if my feet are up to a game of tennis. Or a game of hitting-the-ball-out-of-bounds-or-into-the-net, anyway.
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