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On the news just now, there was a story about a dad who saw the hidden video with a man asking kids if they'd help him find his puppy, to show how easy it sometimes is to kidnap. The news said "this father knew his children wouldn't fall for it. So that's why he was enraged when they did." and the dad proceeded to tell the anchor "I told my daughter there was a man outside with five dollars who wanted someone to help him find his puppy dog. I turned around for a second, and when I looked back, she was already out in the street looking for the man!"

OK, dude. If YOU YOURSELF tells your daughter, who (ideally) always does what you say, why the hell would she look at you and say "but Daddy, you told me once a long time ago that I shouldn't talk to strangers, so even though you introduced me to your friend the other day at that party and it was OK to talk to him, I'm definitely smart enough to know that the guy that's outside is REALLY waiting to kidnap me, so HELL NO, I'm not going out there!" Jeez.