Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

It smells like burn barrel smoke in here.

This morning I "slept in," and then packed up and picked Haley up, and we drove to Mom's house. It's nice here, but I miss my husband. It'll get worse right about the time I try to go to sleep tonight in an empty bed. Well, empty except for me. And maybe Spider if I can sneak her in. Mom's husband has a thing about letting cats in the house for some reason. But Spider's quiet, so I think I can do it.

I saw the CUTEST flashlights at Fred's today. I wish I knew some little trick-or-treaters to buy them for. When you pull the little trigger on the handle in the back, their mouths open up to shine the light out of, and they make little sounds. The witch makes the cutest little cackle. I didn't get 'em though. I got some punkin pie -scented candles instead, 'cause I read Lonesome Dove in bed by candlelight to Cory, and I thought it'd be nice to get some new candles that smell like fall. Though I'm thinking that it's going to just make me hungry for pie, and I can't have pie yet. (But I've lost 6 pounds, so I'm happy I'm on this diet, I swear!)

I had planned on taking a bunch of stuff over here from home to get rid of it, since some of it was wedding stuff that belonged to Mom, and some of it was stuff I knew she'd want. But I'm ending up taking more home than I left with, I'm afraid. Oh well. At least they're things I can put places, rather than on the floor in the bedroom. :)

I miss you, my G! :(
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