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I just went to the 24-hour Wal-Mart that's in Brooklyn Park. It's kinda scary in there. There were almost no white people in there, and everybody looked ratty. It's not
in a good neighborhood. But it's the only one I know that's open 24 hours. So I went. (Here's where Mike was supposed to protect me but he refused to come so he
couldn't, haha:) When I was looking at something on a shelf, when I had gotten everything I needed but was just looking around, a black lady came up to me and
told me that she just moved here and she didn't have any money for diapers or milk or personal hygiene items for herself and her kids, and she wanted me to give her
money. I told her I didn't have any cash (which was the truth) and she asked for a check and said she'd pay me back when she got paid on Friday and I said I only
had my card with me (which was a lie - I had checks) and that I'd have to go through the checkout with her, and I said I could buy only one thing for her. She said
milk would cost twenty bucks. Like I'd believe that. So she said she'd go get milk, and I walked around a bit and thought I saw her talking to somebody way over
near the hardware, which was obviously not where the milk was. (It was actually about three aisles over from me.) So I went through the checkout. I was kinda
apprehensive that she'd come and try to make me buy things for her, but I didn't see her. So I hustled out to my car and drove home. Weird...
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