Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Now that I have a sec, I'll write about how I won the S & G tickets. :)

Every morning for a long time now, the oldies station that plays in the mailroom has a little contest - they play a snippet of a song, and people call in and guess what song it is. For over a month, the callers were playing for a smaller prize and then an entry into a drawing to win a 2003 Volkswagen Beetle and a Beatles CD library. But now that Simon and Garfie are gonna be here, they changed the prize. So this morning I heard a snippet of the bugle thing from "A Hazy Shade of Winter" (it was easy to recognize) and I thought "ooh, I should call in!" but I didn't. I just sat there and talked to Donnita, and told her I never win anyway, and I wasn't going to try. But she told me to, and then the DJ said something about it being OK to call in, so I did. It rang and rang and rangandrangandrang. And while it was ringing, three people had a chance to guess and they were all WRONG!! So they went to commercial, and then the producer answered the phone! He asked me what my guess was and what my name was, and told me the DJ would be on in a minute to take my call, and he said "you sound pretty confident!" But I was shaking and pacing back and forth. :) So the DJ answered and I was on the air, and he told me I sounded out of breath. (I couldn't tell him I was pacing back and forth really fast, so I just laughed.) So then he asked me what my guess was, and I told him, and it was right! So he congratulated me, and I said thank you a lot, and jumped up and down, and then he had me hold on the line for the producer again so he could get my name and tell me that I could pick the tickets up as soon as I get a call from the promotions department of the station (since the tickets aren't in-house yet). And then he told me they were asking all the winners to sing the jingle from American Family Insurance, and asked me if I'd do it on the air for them. So I said sure, and he put me back on the air and I sang it for them. The DJ said it was the best one he's heard so far. I told him choir really does pay off. :)

Yay! Let's do it again!
Tags: yay
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