Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I forgot to mention that Davis Family Farm isn't my favorite anymore. We'd gone there two years ago, when Cory still lived in Corvallis, and I loved it. We walked around a lot, and only rode the hay ride thing one way. I thought it was the way there, but Cory thought it was the way back, so we started off walking down the little trail that the hay wagon was making. We got maybe 200 feet from the main building, and this lady came running after us yelling "excuse me! Excuse me!" and she told us we weren't allowed to walk to the pumpkin patch, we HAD to pay the two dollars to ride on the wagon. So we left. We didn't even get the donuts that I was excited about getting. We got pumpkins at a little stand a couple of miles further north instead.

Today Mike came over and we had lunch, went downtown to Powells (where Cory and I got $65 for selling a bunch of books), and got Mike a pumpkin at Fred's so we could carve them together. They look pretty good, and the pumpkin seeds are always a pain to make - I either don't cook them enough or I overcook them. I figured it'd be better to undercook them a bit, so that's what I did. I'll probably take them to work tomorrow - they'll get snapped up pretty quickly.

And now off to my blonde ale and my book again.

P.S. I really don't like the weather right now. 72 degrees tomorrow? No no no. It's supposed to be 55.
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