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Yesterday was quite nice. I drove to rini's house by way of several other streets because I forgot to bring the address (again) and thought I could just wing it. I ended up calling Cory at the Blockbuster only one block (not even a block, really) from Erin's house. Argh. So I finally got there, and Erin and burninggirl piled into my car with hats and gloves and scarves and coats, and we started off.

We chatted on our way up I84, and decided to take the Historic Columbia River Highway up at least part of the way, so we cut across to it at Corbett and drove to Multnomah Falls, which was icy and really really pretty. I saw a girl from work there but she didn't see me. We took some pictures up at the little bridge and I sat in the place where I sat when I got proposed to, just for a sec. We stopped in the gift shop and Erin and I laughed at the stupid tiny glass bells that didn't tinkle.

When the Historic Highway ran out, we got back on 84 and continued to Hood River, which didn't take as long as I thought it was going to. We ate at Horsefeathers Brewery, which Cory and I ate at last time we were in Hood River, and it wasn't nearly as good as I remembered it. The service was absolutely awful - the waitress brought Kat's burger out (after a long wait to get food at all) and then she didn't bring Erin's and my soup out until like 5 minutes afterwards (which isn't that long in the scheme of things, but when you're eating it is!).

Then we cut across Highway 35 and drove past apple orchards and lots of prettiness. Cory wants to go drive through there sometime 'cause he likes orchards as much as I do. We hit some snow that was on trees and by the side of the road, and then we went out of it again, before we hit Hwy 26. Then we drove up to Timberline Lodge. I forgot how long that drive is - I kept expecting to see it around the next bend but it was never there. It was very pretty, though, once we got up there. We were planning on getting a lift ticket for the Magic Mile but it was closed, so we went up to the old lodge and looked around. Cocoa was like $3.50 and there were no tables so we scrapped that idea too, and went outside and played in the snow. Erin hit me square in the back with a snowball. I only did as well as her leg, but then again she was facing me and I didn't want to hit her anywhere that would hurt. So there. :P

So we drove back down the mountain and stopped at the Oregon Candy Farm and got a box of chocolates (mmmmmmmmm), and we got to Gresham before it got dark, and I stayed at Erin's house for lasagna and garlic bread and some more conversation, since I knew the boys would still be playing their game and I didn't care to be there for that. So Kat and I read magazines while Erin cooked (I asked to help, I swear) and Wil came up from his cave to eat, and then Erin showed us a bunch of pictures from her exchange trip to Germany and two hours went by like that.

I had a much easier time getting home, and Joel was just leaving as I walked in the door. I made the mistake of checking LJ before I went to bed, and when I was done Cory was asleep already so I didn't get to hang out with him.

And now it's snowing! Only a teensy bit, but it was more than last time I posted. I wish it'd stick. I want a cold cold snowy winter this year. Something tells me I don't get to have it.
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