Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I just showed incredible self control at - I went to get this purse:

And ended up sticking a pair of pants and a skirt in my "shopping cart" as well. But when I found out that what was only $19 had skyrocketed to $95 after only two stinkin' pieces of clothing, I got rid of 'em. I don't need clothes from there anyway. They show too much belly. :)

I still like that cute little felt purse I saw at Cost Plus, though. Cory and I will drink coffee at Starbucks in Washington Square and I will run into our Cost Plus and see if it's there. And if not, I'll have to wait much more impatiently for the Delias purse.

(For the record, I have a red cord purse, and I'm tired of it, and not just because it totally clashes with my favorite red shirt.)
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