Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I don't think my last post showed up on your friends' lists. But it was purty, so feel free to go look in my journal. :D

Yesterday we went to Corvallis. It was a gorgeous day - not too cold and not raining and not sunny. We went to NIRSA so Cory could do his ten minutes of work while I played parkball with Remmy, and then we walked around downtown (where I tried unsuccessfully to find a black purse that wasn't ugly - apparently I'm extremely picky) and Cory got an eggnog latte and we ate lunch at McMenamins. Then we went to the covered bridge and let Remmy play in the stream and get all gross and wet, and we walked to the MU building 'cause it's pretty and 'cause it had bathrooms. And we got Burgerville on the way home - MMM, SWEET POTATO FRIES!! I ought to teach myself how to make 'em.

Oh yes, and this weekend I made two hats and started another scarf which looks a bit like the $108 scarf I found on - what a ripoff. Jeez. (I mean their price for the scarf, not me copying it.) :) Now I just need to finish my pile-of-leaves hat so I can feel better about starting new projects.
Tags: crochet
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