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Last night I woke up because I was half-dreaming that the cat had climbed up the cord to my hanging star lamp and was stuck up by the ceiling. I even thought I could see her up there when I woke myselt mostly up. And then I realized Cory wasn't there. It was 12:30am. So I stumbled out to the living room, and there he was on his computer. Apparently, even after two or three mugs of chamomile tea and a glass of pinot gris, he still couldn't get to sleep so he was playing his game again. (Sometimes I wonder how much fun it'd be if he spent that much time playing with ME! hehe)

And now, of course, I'm up and getting ready for work (it's going to be SO slow today - the mailmen are having a "much deserved" day off) and he's sleeping. So I had pumpkin pie for breakfast to spite him.