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Last night we bundled up (it was windy!) and drove over to Peacock Lane. We parked a block and a half away and went across the street to a divey Chinese food place, and ate dinner in the car, and then we walked through Peacock Lane and looked at Christmas lights. If we hadn't been stuck behind other people, I think we would have enjoyed it more. One of the houses had falling "snow" projected onto their house - a little box in the front yard had a gel with holes poked in it that turned around and around so it looked like snow falling. I liked that one best, I think. And the kids were fun to watch - one of them passed by going the other way in a stroller, and her finger was pointed as if she was pointing at everything - she was so still, it looked like she was in awe. :)

Then we drove 205 north because we thought the Queen Anne Victorian Mansion was off 205 and not 5. So when we (of course) didn't find it, we had to go into Vancouver and take 14 over to I5. And then we saw it. I adore that place - I need to find a picture of it somewhere. The lights are so pretty - it reminds me of a fairy tale.

By the time we got home it was after 9, and we still had to fold a bit of laundry and I checked the weather for Austin. It's going to be in the low to mid 60s with lows in the low 40s/high 30s, which sounds pretty good to me. A bit too warm in the daytime, but that's OK - we can go outside and play easier that way.

So Cory stayed up as late as he could, and now he's going to sleep in and take the car to Oil Can Henry's when he gets up. Hopefully it turns out to be as good as Dorota says - I'm still worried that they're going to find ways to charge us for stuff we don't want. Anyway, since Cory needs the car, that means I get to walk in the dark to work today. Which isn't a big deal, really. It'll be fun, I think. I like the world when most people are sleeping.

I don't think it's quite hit me that we're going to be driving so far. This is a bit farther out as we went for our honeymoon! I'm bringing the journal we wrote in about the honeymoon, which has now become the trip journal, so I'll recount everything when I get back, as there's no guarantee I'll be able to get onto a computer while I'm gone.

I'm excited to meet GEN!!!
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