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Tuesday we got up and hit the road again, this time to San Antonio. We found a place to park right next to the River Walk, which I can't say right - every time I tried, it came out as either River Ralk or Wiver Walk. It was beautiful!! I thought I wasn't going to like much of Texas but I really liked San Antonio. We found some mistletoe and kissed uner it. We had lunch at Casa Rio - Mexican restaurant founded by Germans. Heh. We ate right next to the river with ducks waiting for us to drop food into the water, and pigeons in the trees waiting for food too. Nobody got anything though - we were hungry. Mmm, fajitas. We looked at a few shops, and I saw a couple of dresses remeniscent of tamales's Mexican wedding dress. I almost got one. :) And then we went to the Alamo. It was pretty interesting. Mmm, history.

When we got home, I called incognita. We went to Threadgills for dinner and it was really nice to meet her and Gus. I just wish we'd have had more time to play. Oh well.

Christmas eve - we walked to the park with Anna (she's 4), Sydney (almost 2), Jason (brother-in-law) and Tahoe (dog). Anna was excited about the swings. and I helped her on and then pulled her up waist-high and let her go. Next thing I know she was half off the swing and crying. Her behind slipped off so she landed on her feet. After that we didn't swing anymore. I'm the worst aunt ever.

We got back and Cory colored with Anna, and we watched Finding Nemo and relaxed. When Lisa got home, Anna and Grandma decorated the gingerbread house and Cory and I left to look for last-minute Christmas coffee. He thought Starbucks was going to be open on Christmas for some reason, and once we cleared that up we had to go find coffee somewhere. We went to 2 Starbucks that were closed for the holiday already, and Cory was pretty upset, and then we ended up at an Albertsons buying a pound of coffee beans and a $20 coffee maker. (All for like three cups of coffee.)

On Christmas day we woke up right after the girls did. We watched them open their stockings and then their presents, and helped open boxes to free dolls and things, and played with presents a lot. We put the kitchen together. I got a sweater from Cory's mom and the pennywhistles I asked for from Cory. We got Cranium, and a re-gifted fondue set that we ended up leaving there because we already had one.

We watched Ice Age, but I was restless so I kept getting up and leaving. When the girls had their bath in the afternoon Jason put on LOTR. I took a shower to be ready for the car ride back to Oregon, and we all took a walk while Lisa (sister-in-law) finished dinner. We had ham and sweet potatoes and scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole and broccoli/corn casserole. Everything was very good. Then the girls wound down with Lion King, and Sydney went to bed really early since she had no nap. After pie and some boring TV, Cory and I packed up the car and enjoyed the warm evening (well, warm to us - I was out there in bare feet and short sleeves!). I called Auntie Stacy's house and talked to her and Grandma and Mom and wished everybody merry Christmas. Then we went to sleep.

On the 26th, we got up at 3:30am and left by 4. I've never been in the car so long in my life. We were on the road for a total of 43 hours (we stopped for food and a bit of sleep a couple of times). In Palm Springs at about 10:30pm (which we stopped at to look at all the funny rich snotty kids in the bars - all the girls were blonde with highlights and they all wore black and big stiletto heels with pointy toes) my legs and rear end started hurting a lot, so I got some Advil at a gas station and that helped me sleep through a lot of it. Just north of Weed I started getting a fever, and between Roseburg and Eugene I laid in the back seat with a jacket and hat on and Cory's fleece shirt over my legs. It started raining in southern Oregon and got worse and worse as it got dark.

In Eugene, we stopped to get gas and there was an accident right outside. I didn't hear it, but I heard the squeaking of the front tire against the smashed front as people pushed one of the cars out of the busy street. It was mashed up pretty bad. The attendant said it was the second one that day. Dang.

Cory said that night was in his top ten worst driving experiences. I'm sure I made it worse by complaining about being sore and being all feverish in the back seat. People were being idiots, pulling out in front of each other and speeding on the freeway. After Eugene I was feeling better (not much, but well enough to sit up again) so I sat in the front and was very happy to see home. Ahh. We had tons of Christmas cards, which we opened, and then took showers and went to sleep. I couldn't stop wiggling because my leg muscles hurt so bad. Poor me.
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