Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Well, the news says it's 16. The entire length of the Willamette valley is snowed in. There's a winter storm warning for all of Western Washington and Oregon, it seems. The Doppler looks like we're being attacked by a big white blob.

And yet I'm awake, and getting ready for work. I'm interested in seeing whether anybody will come and tell me work is closed, or if they'll just leave me up there at the front desk. I wasn't even supposed to come in until 7:30, but the girl who wouldn't answer her phone to help the morning girl out yesterday (the same girl who volunteered to take the morning shift this morning) called me last night and asked me to take the early shift. Argh. Oh well. It's more fun to be at work when something like this is going on.
Tags: weather
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