Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Today I lied in bed and wondered whether I was going to have to go in to work or not. Actually, I was pretty sure that it was going to be closed again, because it was so bad yesterday afternoon/evening and I figured it'd just rain and freeze again overnight. But I got a couple phone calls and did end up having to go in.

I walked, and it wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday, because during the night we actually warmed up a bit and the footprints from yesterday's walkers were still there. I still hit a couple of slick spots, but I didn't have any trouble getting to work. I got there just after 8. There were maybe twenty people there - only five in customer service, and nobody in consumer services. So after I checked in on the mailroom (why is it so freaking hard to make coffee and keep the coffee area clean? I swear, I leave it for one day and there's crap everywhere!) I went down to the front desk and called my supervisor (who hasn't been in to work since Monday - she's stuck in Vancouver) and we decided not to deal with the front desk at all (no phones - yay!) because none of the receptionists could get in, and nobody was in shipping or in the mailroom.

I ended up spending most of the morning in Shipping because IS was waiting for some servers to come and needed someone to sign for them. So I logged in all the packages that weren't logged in on Tuesday when we all left early, and I received the mail and the servers and I shoveled the dock. And then the shipping guys showed up (and so did Donnita!) at about 11 so I ran a couple of errands for my supervisor, had lunch down in the cafeteria (thank goodness it was open, 'cause I didn't have any food with me), and tackled the voice mail that had built up over the past two days.

There were 147 messages. Usually over a weekend we get thirty messages. It took me an entire hour to get through all of them, and I was rushing (so much that I accidentally deleted a message here and there - oops). And before I'd finished, I'd gotten another 26, which I decided not to touch. I cleaned out the Sorel box, which had 31 messages in it, and now it's only got one - I just checked. The Columbia box has like 81 messages. But, lucky me, people are probably going to make it in tomorrow so I don't have to deal with them. :)

I ended up leaving at about 3, and walked back home. It was pretty warm, really - I didn't need a hat at all, except for when I walked under the big hedges that are growing over the sidewalk and were dripping onto my head.

We went to Safeway and watched some guy peel out trying to get out of the parking lot. There were so many people around, and he almost slid right into a cart return. And some idiot lady was trying to push her cart to her car with her kid in it. She was in the middle of the main drive way of the parking lot, and there was a big truck "tailgating" her. How dangerous. Those carts can't go in the slush and snow and ice like that.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm glad. Though it's nice to hear "thank you! You're my guardian angel!" a ton from my supervisor, it's also nice to have a break. This has been a long week. And maybe finally we'll be able to do our movie binge!
Tags: columbia, weather

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