Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

The pies we had at our wedding have a little blurb on!

"SALEM - They started with a farmhouse and some fruit. Now, La Suisse Pies and Cobblers are sold from Seattle to Sacramento and the company is tasting success.
Unlike most growers in the area, La Suisse Pies takes the farm's own Willamette Valley fruit and does something with it. The pies are made from traditional swiss recipies and local fruit.

Like a lot of small farms, it was hurting, until 1986 when they combined technology and attitude with farming. Now, the company employs 40 people.

'You know, our business has grown from a million dollars in sales the first year to six-and-a-half million this year, so it's a fairly large percentage of growth every year. We just see a lot of popularity right now, in healthy food and in fruits,' said Dave Dunn, manager of La Suisse.

La Suisse was purchased by the Willamette Valley fruit company in the year 2000. They kept on all the kitchen staff and added major upgrades to the kitchen this year. The company still uses fruit from its one-hundred acre farm, but supplements with fruit from 25 growers. "
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