Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yesterday was Joel's birthday. We went to Starbucks and got him a travel mug and a Starbucks card, and went to his apartment. He didn't answer the door after one doorbell ring, and we knew he was there because his car was outside, so I attacked the doorbell until he answered. He was sick and we'd woken him up. Whoops.

So we had Joel's birthday dinner all by ourselves - I made steak and mashed taters with too much A1 sauce all over everything. What mad cow disease? (Really, I'm not worried in the least.)

Tomorrow morning we must show up at Mike's house in Lake Oswego at 5:30 and take him to the airport. I'm kind of excited, actually. I like the airport. And I like getting up extra early when something fun is going to happen.

I think the seasons should mix up. Have a day or two of spring, a winter snowstorm, and some summertime all in one week. That way I wouldn't be craving a nice al fresco lunch on the deck in the sunshine. Last night when we were out it was 36 - just cold enough to be a bother when it's windy.
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