Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I could hide out under there...

Yay for Barenaked Ladies!

Nicoal and Cory picked me up yesterday morning, and we drove five hours to The Gorge amphitheater. It was beautiful. We had to wait around quite a bit, but it was OK. It was really windy all evening, and I was afraid it was going to get worse when it got dark, but it calmed down, which was nice. We listened to an Opening-opening band (Sara something and "her band"), and then to a few songs from The Proclaimers (Yay for 500 Miles!) and then the Barenaked Ladies played for a few hours. They had excellent stage presence, and they were funny... I think a little more fun to watch than Billy Joel and Elton John. Anyway, then we drove home and I slept pretty much the whole way, so it didn't seem like a very long drive at all. I kind of felt bad though that I didn't drive, but Cory drove pretty much the whole way anyway. So they dropped me off a little after four, and I ran upstairs and passed out again.

This afternoon, I have an interview at the airport. I'm curious to know how to get to the airport on a bus. Maybe I should find that out sometime soon. I also must figure out where in the airport the Herz counter is. Hopefully I'll leave early enough that I'll find everything and not be late. I never know how long those bus rides are going to take.
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