Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We got a letter from Nicoal yesterday! It had a diagram in it. A diagram of her neighborhood. It sounds like she's having fun, but it also sounds like she's not. :)

Last night Haley and I ran errands. We were gone for a pretty long time, which made Cory a bit mad since he wanted to stay home for the evening. I didn't really intend to be gone so long, as I was just going to deposit my bonus check ($786.16!!) and take back the shoes that didn't fit me very well. Oh, and get yarn. Yay for more Christmas stockings! Well, not yay for making them. Yay for getting paid to make them! I think I might even charge TEN BUCKS EACH. That would mean I'd get sixty dollars out of this project. Woot!

Today is Friday, I just realized. Tomorrow I go to a coffee shop downtown with rini to crochet in public.

And finally, a plea: make it so that shawls and ponchos and capelets come back into style, please, so that I can sell them. The runway models are starting to wear them again! Why can't y'all??
Tags: crochet
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