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I'm so stupid, I surprise even myself.

So, today I had an interview at the airport at 1pm. I didn't have any change, so I had to run to Walgreens to get some, and I got stuck behind a lady with $99-worth of stuff to buy at the only open register in the place. Thus, I missed my bus. So I took the next one, hoping that I'd get to the airport in time, and when I got to the transit station to switch buses, I looked at the timetable and noticed that the bus I'd be taking wouldn't get to the airport until 1:15. I figured I'd just be late, so I waited there. The #12 was a little early, which made me happy, so I boarded it, and sat down... and realized I took the #12 going the wrong way. So I got off the next chance I could, and walked around being upset and talking to Josh... I tried to call the guy (I don't even know his name or the business name) to tell him I'd be late, but the number my caller ID picked up was now a fax line. So I couldn't tell him I wasn't going to be there. I called Dad to see if maybe he could come and get me and take me there, and he wasn't home (probably taking my sister home) so I just got back on the bus to take me home, and here I am. I am REALLY angry at myself. Josh kept saying "these things happen!" but they wouldn't happen if I was more responsible. So now I'm going to wait and see if the guy calls me asking where I am, and if he does maybe I can reschedule. But if not... well, shame on me for not getting his name and number (I was walking with Erin along the river, and he calling surprised me, so I wasn't quite ready to remember names and phone numbers, but still...). So here I am at home again, jobless. I'm so stupid.
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