Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,


This morning I got up, made breakfast, and hightailed it to Dad's house by 9, plans for my bed in hand. First order of business: get the van from Dad's friends' house (about ten miles away) to carry the wood in. He'd asked them if he could borrow it, and they said sure, and that they'd be home this morning to give him the keys. We made a pit stop to get breakfast for Dad, which took several minutes. We got near their house and called, but nobody answered the phone so we went to a church that's being built near their house. Dad helped do some of the wiring. We chatted with a guy who looked at me and asked Dad "oh, is this your better half?" Eww. So we poked around for awhile and then went to Dad's friends' house to knock on the door. Nobody answered. So we went to the recording studio and talked to the tenants who live above it and got a saw because it fit in his car. Then we went back to Dad's house and drew up some better plans, and decided we'd take my car to get as much of the wood as we could. But first Dad's brother called, so Dad chatted with him for a couple of minutes. And then Dad's friend called (the one with the van), so Dad chatted with him and decided to get the van later in the day. So we went to Home Depot, stopping at the credit union for several minutes for Dad, and in the parking lot of Home Depot we called another of Dad's friends to ask him questions about the plans we'd drawn, and then when we finally went in we stayed in one aisle for about an hour, looking at all the hardware. We finally settled on some L brackets and joist hangers and some screws/nuts/bolts/washers/etc, bought them, and went back to his house. Then we decided we'd go get the van, so we got back into Dad's car and drove the ten miles back out to his friends' house. But his friends were mad that he didn't call before he got there, because they wanted to unload all the Goodwill stuff out of the back of the van. So Dad had to convince them to let us take the stuff to Goodwill. So we finally got the keys and went to the studio to get another saw, and then went to Goodwill and emptied out the van, and then went home because by this time it was 3 and we were hungry. I made sandwiches and we ate them, and then we went back to Home Depot for the wood. We got our 4x4s and our 2x6s and our 1x2s and our 2x4s, and then we went looking for good plywood for the platform. The plywood was $27 each, and I needed two. So we went to the particle board aisle. It was $17 each, which was much better, so we started trying to load one into our cart, and it was so heavy that I could barely lift it. So I sat and thought for awhile about whether it was worth it to build such a heavy bed frame and spend over a hundred dollars on it all told... and decided not to build the bed after all. So we took all the wood and put it back, and drove home empty-handed.

You know, if I'd have just listened to Cory, I wouldn't have had to waste an entire day running all over the world for nothing. He's always right about these things. Hmph.
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