Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Last night, after dreaming about something weird in a grocery store, I suddenly was driving with rini and Felix. She was taking him home. We walked around a bit and drove around a bit, and Felix bit my earring off somehow, and I had to grab it out of his mouth.

Then Erin and Felix and I were at dstroy's house. I'd never been there before, but Dorota just sat on the couch and read her book and didn't say anything to anybody. I tried to make conversation to say that the school just down the street looked like every other elementary school I'd ever seen. And then I saw Floyd out the big window and I decided I needed to put my shirt and bra back on. (Don't ask me why I was topless in the first place, I just was.) I rummaged around in a pile of clothes and found what I thought was my bra, but it was Dorota's bra, and I was embarrassed that I tried on a stranger's bra. I finally found my bra and shirt and put them on, and then I woke up.

At least it was better than the "I can't do that, I'm married!" dream I had the night before.
Tags: dreams
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