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Last night's dream: Cory had long hair and he told me he was ready to cut it off because it was always tangled. I told him I'd get the dog shears, but he wasn't quite ready that second. Weird thing is that I couldn't see the long hair on his head, it was all short, but he was holding the hair in his hands and it was attached to his head, I just couldn't tell how.

Last night Mom called a couple of times and had me play Wake Up little Suzie for her. She's got to get up in front of 300 people at a Republican convention this weekend (with a couple of congresswomen and such) and sing a badly-written song to the tune of Wake Up. I feel bad for her. She doesn't know the song and the words are so bad that she can hardly tell where in the song she is. Before we hung up, I asked if she wanted me to play it one more time, and she said "no... I'll just stand in the back." :(

Tonight: Starsky and Hutch AND Hidalgo.

Work had better go by quickly.