Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Dear Parents,

When you decide to take your children to a movie, you must first teach your child common respect. Respect involves being quiet so that people sitting around you aren't distracted. Respect involves shutting up when those people sitting around you are distracted enough to shush you. Each of those people in the theatre with you have paid a lot of money to be where they are. Those people deserve to be able to watch the entire movie. If your children tend to ask you stupid question after stupid question in a row, particularly in quiet parts of a movie, perhaps it's better to leave them home; or at the very least, don't answer them as loudly as they asked you. And if your children tend to either read subtitles out loud, or yell out "gross!!!" or some other "witty" remark, that would also be a situation in which you would leave them at home.

Bottom line: the movie theatre is NOT YOUR LIVING ROOM. If you can't shut up, wait the extra month to rent the movie, and talk all you want to.
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