Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yesterday was busy, but mostly unproductive.

I picked Haley up from Dad's house and we went to an estate sale in Gladstone in search of yarn. There was yarn there but I didn't get it.

We went to Saturday Market and walked around a bit. I've never bought anything there. I saw a felted hat and was explaining it to Haley and the owner of the booth came and started explaining it to me. :) I'd forgotten how much the people who sell things at PSM like to talk.

Then we went to 23rd and walked around a little bit before noon. We got some Snapea Crisps at Cost Plus. I like Cost Plus.

Then at noon I had an eye exam. My eyes are a little worse than they were two years ago, and my right eye is worse than my left. The doctor said that if I want to drive around at night a lot I should think about getting new glasses, but he said I'll be Ok if I decide not to. He also tried to sell me the contact lens idea, which I shot down. My eyes water when I think about touching them. Ow. (Side note: he had to puff that air into my eyes, and when he said he was going to, I said "yikes, I'm not good at that part!" He said "well, we'll get through it together." I almost laughed right at him for being so dorky but I was good and didn't.) Anyway, my prescription doesn't take effect until April for some reason, so I'm going to wait until then to get lenses. Current plan of attack is to make my old glasses sunglasses, and then buy a new pair of frames with the new prescription for my normal glasses. I'm not sure if I'll be able to notice the difference, though, and if I do it'll be annoying. So I don't know if I'll do it that way yet or not.

So then I took Haley back to Dad's house and hung out with her and Dad awhile. I washed my car and finally got a lot of the icky shoe polish drips off of it. We'd gotten most of it off the windows already, but it'd dried in long lines down the sides of the car from the edges of the windows, and it took some Soft Scrub and a toothbrush to get them looking nice. Dad and I played cribbage and we watched Snow White because he'd never seen it before and he'd borrowed the DVD a month ago. We went to two Trader Joe's because one of them was temporarily closed due to a big blackout in the Hollywood district.

...and Cory worked all day.
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