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Again... YAY!!!

I got my keys today. It's raining. It just had to start raining when I needed to start moving my stuff. Oh well. Anyway, I can paint my walls and decorate it however I want! I'm very excited about that. And I think I'm going to get another dove. I might just name her Muriel again, like my last dove. So there.

I started my job today. It's pretty easy, and I have my own cubicle and computer, and I get to see everybody in the office and stuff. It's in the KOIN tower. And there's a fareless square downtown that encompasses my apartment and my workplace, so I don't have to pay to get to work and go home! Yay!!!!

It's raining really hard, and the sky is kind of yellowish and weird and REALLY bright.
Tags: moving, temping
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