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Weekend update time!

Saturday I made a TON of phone calls. I'm not good at making phone calls. But I talked to several people and got some information about apartments down in Corvallis. I also made Haley's chai buttermilk spice cake and some cream cheese frosting for it, and because the pears were starting to get overripe I made some poached pears for dessert after dinner. I was a phone-callin'-pear-poachin' queen. The pears were pretty good, but I couldn't get the stupid chocolate chips to melt into something pourable. I added milk, which helped a little, but not a ton.

Anyway. Then we got up early early on Sunday and I tiptoed around pre-coffee Cory until we got on the road. Side note: Pre-coffee Cory isn't all that much fun. He's grumpy and gets frustrated very easily. Post-coffee Cory is great. And the transformation happens immediately when he gets that coffee cup in his hand. It's so weird. We got to Corvallis at probably about 7:30, took Cory's bike and some boxes to NIRSA for storage, and let Remmy play around at her park before driving around on the apartment search. Remmy got reeeeeally muddy - once because Cory threw the ball into a puddle, which got the side of her face and all the way down her chest all muddy, and once because she walked into the middle of a puddle right in front of me and lied down. Shame on her. So we had a stinky dog in the car with us while we looked at places.

Three really stood out to me.
One was for only $350. That's because it was in a druggie area, and the entire thing was linoleum. We looked in the windows. There was no carpeting anywhere. No wonder it was dog-friendly. :D
One was a duplex for $450 that I absolutely adored. A teensy front yard, a teensier back yard, a carport, lots of plants around, and though it wasn't very big it was very cute. Trouble was it was a mile or two away from the place we wanted to live. Urf. And I still don't know why it was so cheap. That kind of scares me.
One was a garden-level 1-bedroom place a block away from Remmy's park and a few blocks away from downtown and OSU (which means it's close to the bus routes too). It has rust-colored carpets, which isn't my favorite, but it's in a good area and it's only $475. We called the apartment manager to let us look around inside (we looked through all the windows first) and if I'd brought the stupid application I'd be finishing it up right now and getting it mailed off. Oh well - I'll do it after lunch. We like it, and hopefully that's where we'll be living for the next year(!) and now I feel a lot less stressed about moving, even though this opens up my mind for the next step, which is throwing a lot of things away and packing up everything else.

We got home earlier than we thought we would, which gave us a chance to rest for a little bit and start filling out the housing application. Then we went to Dad's house and had a nice big dinner and watched Haley open her gifts, and then we sat for a couple of hours and looked at old slides. Dad has a huge box full of them. We didn't get through them all, either - I have to go back later and look at the rest. The cake was a hit, even though it wasn't my favorite - it wasn't sweet, and it almost tasted salty. I wonder if I didn't mix the dry ingredients well enough or something. Oh well - it was still pretty good.


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Mar. 22nd, 2004 08:40 am (UTC)
Yay For Reduced Stress!
I'm glad you've found some places you like, especially that last one. The rust-coloured carpet can be circumvented with some fun rugs or lots of large furniture. Is the $475 as big as your current place or is the low low price reflective of a reduction in size?

I want to live in Seattle after I get my Ph.D. but it's rather costly; I mean, it's no New York City where a 4-foot by 5-foot coffin goes for $800 but it can be hard to find a nice place in a decent area for less than the GNP of Liechtenstein straight out of college. I plan on buying at some point too, but even with a Ph.D. it would probably be best to rent for several years until I get established. Eh, but enough about my as-yet-nonexistent problems. :P

I'm in the midst of your "next step": throwing a lot of things away and packing up everything else. I need to find out what the weight restrictions are for checked baggage on my airline; I'm trying to bring as much with me on the flight to Hanover as possible so I can save dough mailing a minimal amount.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to get that apartment, even if it makes driving unsafe. :)

Best wishes,
Mar. 22nd, 2004 08:54 am (UTC)
Re: Yay For Reduced Stress!
Yeah, I'm hoping to find some rugs. Either that or suck it up. :D The low price is mostly just a reduction in quality. It's a bit smaller than our current place, and it doesn't have as much storage, so that's probably part of it.

Seattle would be very pretty. In certain places, that is. I guess it's like everywhere else- you could spend way too much money to live in a nice area or be OK financially but live in the slums.

Good luck with your packing! I know how annoying it can be. :)
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