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Yesterday we got the keys to our apartment. The lady on the phone told Cory "come in anytime between 7am and 7pm" because those are the hours of the veterinary hospital. So we left really early to miss the morning rush hour, and got to Corvallis shortly after 7. The lady at the front desk didn't know where the keys were, or the rental contract. She found the keys, and a blank contract, and she filled out part of it, saying she'd transfer it to the real contract (which I guess the landlord had at his house or something) and send it to us to sign again. That made us a little nervous, but we signed it anyway. And then she said "Dr. Gross is an older guy, and he's kind of sick, so he might not remember you're moving in. I'll have to remind him, so it'll take a couple of days for us to send you the contract." Whoa.

So we got the keys, took the dog to her park a block away, and took pictures and measured the apartment. Pictures will follow if I have time to scan them at home tonight. (I also have pictures of the antique hats for dotcombabe finally!) We took dated pictures of the "imperfections" in the apartment: a hole in the carpet in the living room (and one in the coat closet), a big gob of wax on the carpet in the living room, broken mini-blinds, that sort of thing. We're going to completely take down the mini-blinds and put up either rice-paper shades or sheer curtains, and then thicker curtains (either I'll make them myself, or we're going to use decorative shower curtains) for when it gets dark out and we don't want people to see in. The mechanism on the mini-blinds in the kitchen is completely broken, so I'm going to have to figure out what I want to do there too, with the sink right underneath. I'm not sure yet.

We walked around downtown and on campus until our feet were sore. (We're not used to walking so much, since we live here where there are no sidewalks!) We looked in three different bike shops to see what there was (I love how there are three bike shops in downtown Corvallis - they're within four or five blocks of each other too) and looked at the message boards in the campus library to see if any used bikes were for sale. It's amazing how many people bike. I don't think I've ever been on campus on a school day, and there were a ton of people out walking and riding and stuff. I liked the ambiance.

So long story short, I'm excited to get down there, even with how run down the apartment is (mostly 'cause I'd like to fix it up a teensy bit if we have any money for it, and 'cause it's in such a great location) and how much time and effort it takes to move to a different city and learn the street system and the buses and all that stuff. Cory loves it down there, and I think I'm beginning to love it too; and I'm already thinking of it as my home instead of Portland.
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