Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Ah, Saturday. We're moving in a week, but we didn't get much done, besides setting up our new telephone service and reserving a U-Haul. But really, we don't have much else to do besides cancelling all our services here and getting electricity down there. And pack and clean.

Instead, we shopped all around Portland. In the morning we stopped at Starbucks to drink coffee and do the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. Then we went to the Columbia Sportswear outlet in Lake Oswego in search of a new (and hopefully decently-priced) parka to replace Cory's 6-year-old one, and instead came away with a rainsuit for him to wear over his clothes when he bikes to work in the rain this fall/winter. Then we went to REI in Tualatin to look for messenger bags, as we still have a $50 gift certificate from a wedding guest. Cory almost got one, but it wasn't waterproof and it didn't have a water bottle holder.

We stopped at Burgerville and came home for a short time before heading out again, this time downtown. We went to the new (and bigger) REI in the Pearl District, and ran into the same problem with bicycle messenger bags. The international travel backpacks made me want to go backpacking across Europe or something, though. Lots of packets and a detachable day-backpack thingy. Mmm. :)

We made our way to Starbucks for an afternoon beverage, and sat and talked about things. On the way to Starbucks we found a place called Cargo, which was chock-full of overpriced Chinese antiques. Kind of fun to browse, but there was nothing that I'd want to buy (most of the furniture was too big to fit in any room I've ever lived in). And on the way back to the car I found a yarn store! It was really small, and had quite a few nice wool yarns, but I just wanted to browse so I didn't come away with anything, even though I'm still thinking about some of them. :)

Side note: Now I'm starting to think about opening a yarn store someday, but I don't know the first thing about it. It would be fun though: pay rent on a little shop, put up some shelves, stick yarn on them, and then sit there all day and crochet while people come in and out, and when I finish something stick it up on a shelf and sell it! Oh, and give classes sometimes, too, or have a Stitch'n'Bitch every month. I wonder how much business I'd get if I opened a yarn shop in Corvallis. There aren't any there now, which may be indicative of the business I'd get if I opened one up. Heh.

Anyway, then we went to Kennedy School for dinner and a drink. It was on our list of things to see before we left Portland (even though of course we'll be back many times - we're not moving THAT far away), so it was nice to check that off. It was really pretty. I just wish I knew what all the paintings were about. Why were there all those painted pieces of wood all over the walls? What's the significance of the ghost girl looking out the window? Someone ought to publish guidebooks for McMen's, I swear.

And now we're back, after making a pit stop at Banning's in Tigard for pie. It wasn't extraordinary, but I knew it wouldn't be. We designed our "we're moving" postcards while we were there, too.

And now we're home, and my desk is messy so I think I might clean it. And maybe sew another button on Cory's pants and sew up Remmy's stuffed buffalo (she almost tore its poor leg off the other day), if I feel like staying awake that long.
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