Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

This morning we overslept, but were still up by 7:15. We ran over to Starbucks, where there was already a decent amount of people, but the parking lot was just about empty. We parked next to a pickup truck and ran inside, and when we were on our way out to the car, an SUV stopped near us to wait for us to get out of the parking spot. We got in the car and got situated, and Cory noticed that the lady driving the SUV was glaring at us, trying to get us to get out of the spot. Right before we pulled out, she just zoomed sideways into a handicapped spot and the white-striped crosswalk-ish area, and her passenger got out and went inside. Conclusion: I am NEVER working for a Starbucks, because people are pissy in the morning before they get their coffee. There were so many parking lots right around us, but she wanted OURS. And she wanted it ASAP. Dorky.

Anyway, so we got our coffee and went to Kinko's and had Joel print our change-of-address postcards, and then we went home to pack. We've been packing and shopping for things all day - we've gotten replacement range top drip pan thingies, and some other things for this place when we leave.

It's getting down to the wire! I've got butterflies, and poor Remmy is really stressed out, but there's not much that I can do about that. I don't blame her for not liking the moving process.

This will likely be my last entry before we leave, and then after we move I'm not sure when we'll get internet access. It'll be a week or so, probably, but we'll see. So make sure you all tell me what I've missed when I get back. :)
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