Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I've been having health insurance issues. Woo.

When it came time for me to quit Columbia, I had Cory talk to his benefits guy at work to get me on Cory's health insurance. As far as I knew, it was retroactive to the first day of May, even though I didn't have an insurance card yet. Meanwhile, I was running out of birth control pills and had to go in for another exam in order to get more. The doctor's office scheduled me for mid-June, though, so I went in last week for five minutes to get a prescription for two months of birth control to tide me over until after the June exam. I was told over the phone when I scheduled my appointment to just bring in Cory's insurance card, and as long as it had a copay amount on it, I'd just pay the copay and everything would be fine. But since Cory's not a patient at that clinic, I had to pay $100 just to see the stupid doctor for five minutes.

A couple of days later, a new insurance card came in the mail, with Cory's name and my name on it.

And then yesterday I found out that because I didn't get onto Cory's insurance within 30 days of getting married, I have to wait SIX MONTHS to get onto it now. I guess it's a good thing I found that out before I went to pick up my prescription (that's another story - I had to wait a week to get it because the doctor didn't put the dosage on the prescription and they had to call her about it).

Luckily, my COBRA paperwork came the day before yesterday. (COBRA is continuing benefits after you're not employed anymore, for anyone who isn't familiar with the acronym.) So I started looking into that today. I'd have to pay a premium every month in order to keep medical/dental/vision, which I was fine with - after all, I'd had the premium taken out of my paycheck every month while I was working there - but I didn't realize that because Columbia wouldn't be helping me out with the insurance like they did when I worked there, the monthly premium is $360.37. I just called the doctor's office and they told me the exam would cost me $230, which is still a ton considering if I was still on health insurance it would only cost me the copay, but there's no way in hell that I can stay on COBRA for any amount of time, unless I had some horrible medical condition that would cost more than $360/month.

Ooh, and I just got a call from Cory, saying that his benefits guy might be able to get me onto their health insurance if I talk to Columbia and have them get me out of Providence's (my old doctor's office) system. Hah, what a complicated web. :D
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