Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

When Cory got home from work, he told me that his coworker talked to him about the apartment she's renting out again, reminding him it would be available soon. A couple of weeks ago she'd asked him how much rent he was paying here. When he said $475, she said "well, the people are moving out of my apartment in August and it's only $750! Would you like to move in!"

Cory asked, "are all the utilities included?" thinking that's the only way it would be that expensive.

Sarah said "no." Our current apartment includes water/sewer/gas.

We're both baffled as to how she thinks we'd go from this apartment on the first floor where it's cool, spending such a small amount of money on rent and utilities, to her attic above-the-garage apartment that costs almost twice as much. Whatever.

Meanwhile, I've got a list going of all the things that need to be "fixed" in this apartment. The coat closet has no doors, I want new mats for the bathroom, the windows need opaque
curtains so the light can come through but nobody can see through. I spent yesterday annoyed at the poor selection of shower curtains at several different places (to use for the coat closet), and my inability to find any good fabric to make curtains for the windows. Then I remembered that at my studio apartment in NW Portland, I bought two matching sarongs from an import store and used them on my big front window. This afternoon I went and bought a tension rod, and then after dinner I sewed the sarongs together and made a pocket at the top for the rod, and I just finished putting it up. It looks really good - I'm very satisfied. And I didn't have to pay anything for it!
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