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May. 26th, 2004

Heh. I wrote this yesterday and forgot to post it.

I'm finally getting something done in regards to school. I'm going into Albany tomorrow morning and taking a placement test to see what math class I have to take. I was worried about it, but I'm not anymore.

Cory called in sick this morning. He has a cold.

Off to work.

So today. I went and took the placement test and much fun was had. OK, not really, but it was pretty painless and moderately quick. The test revealed what I already knew - that I'm not good at math. Duh, Ralph.

Today will probably be a quiet day - Cory's still sick in bed, and I only have two more things I need to do (renew my library book and call my doctor to reschedule an appointment). The rest of the day can be for rest. :)

Yesterday we got a bill from our old apartment. Yes, a bill. We owe them $208.72 for touchup paint on 4 walls, a replaced carpet, and the final utility bill. That's on top of the $400 security deposit that we paid a long time ago. Phooey on that. Another reason to enjoy this place - even though we had to clean it when we moved in, we won't get charged if we leave the carpet dirty. (Yeah, so Cory burned it a little when he was smoking, too, but that was only one little spot...)