Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Home again jiggedy.

Went to Salem, went to Big! Lots (a place I've never ever wanted to go just because of the stupid name) and got curtain rods (cheaper than Bed Bath & Beyond!), went to WalMart and got cheap cotton fabric to make all the curtains in the house out of ($1.97/yd!)...

Then we went to a Thai place because I was craving curry something awful. The waitress was an idiot. She brought us water when we sat down and then started serving people without bringing us menus. I got up and got takeout menus to look at, and then she brought the real ones. We ordered two dishes to share, both curry, and when they were ready she brought us a plate of green curry (which we ordered) and a plate of pad thai. We kind of sat there without touching it, waiting for her to figure out what was going on (because she was talking to the kitchen guy by then, trying to figure out why there was a massaman curry ready to serve). Finally she brought us another plate of food and tried to replace the green curry with it. I had to tell her three times that we didn't order the pad thai. She took that straight from our table to another table - what if I'd tried eating it?? And the plate she brought us STILL wasn't ours. She came back a third time and fixed it. Argh. It was yummy though - just what I wanted, although the pineapple in the massaman was a little odd.

I went up to pay when we were done and there was a man in front of me trying to get his credit card charged. The same lady that served us slid it through the machine with the strip in her hand instead of in the machine. She and the cook tried and tried to make the card work, but it didn't (even when they tried it the right way). So when the guy went back to find another card, they rang me through without incident. I didn't ask for a box for the rest of the green curry - the whole experience was too aggravating.

Then we went to the dollar store and laughed at the scary things. And then we went back to Stace's house to get some peanuts so we could go to Bush Park to feed the squirrels. And to get Grandma to come with us.

Then we went to the park and sat on a log and fed squirrels. They came and sat on my lap and grabbed nuts out of my fingers and stuffed their cheeks full. Some of them were funny-looking - I could tell almost all of them apart. One had a weird growth on its nose and one had a mangy eyebrow and one had an inside-out ear. I petted them a little, and touched their cheeks. There were tree squirrels there too, which were a lot more skittish - one of them reached out to take a nut from my fingers and bit my index finger really hard. I bled a lot. It stung. When I got home I soaked it in peroxide. Now it looks like I have a baby Nosferatu bite - two little holes close together. :D

Then I used Stace's kitchen table to cut the 26 yards of fabric into four different pieces for the four windows I'm going to cover. Actually, I tore it, because it tore really easily. And then I came home.

On the way home I was driving down 99W and there was a leaf blowing across the road. But when I got closer I realized it was an iddy bitty baby bunny hopping!!! So cute - only about 4 inches long.

And now I'm home. But not for long - must go pick up the husband and go to Safeway to get cough syrup and take the d.o.g. to the p.a.r.k. to take an s.h.i.t.
Tags: crafts
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