Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Cory bought Neverwinter Nights the other day, and I played it with him last night for quite awhile. It was fun.

This morning we got up early again and moved furniture around, and while Cory was in the shower and out with the dog I vacuumed and steamed the carpet in 2/3 of the living room, the other 1/3 being full of the living room furniture. This time it's drying very quickly, which is good - I've already moved the fan over because the part it was blowing on is dry.

Cory and I had coffee (can you believe I've never had a cappucino before? I got one just because I felt like something new today) and re-rented the steamer for one more day so we can finish the living room. With any luck we'll finish it tonight. I'd like my house back, thank you. (I'm sitting on the couch, which is in front of the computer, if that gives you any idea how cramped it is.)

My schedule for today at the bakery was 10-6 but the owner called an hour ago and told me 2 people were scheduled for that time and she wanted me to come in at 11 and stay until 7:30, as the night manager is sick. I said I would, and then when I hung up I started thinking about how different things are now. I think they expect me to be flexible all the time, rather than being grateful that I was willing to help. As far as I know, a lot of the people don't enjoy working other times than they were scheduled for (a couple of weeks ago they called me on my day off to see if I'd go in, and I said no, and then later I heard that everybody else said no too) but that doesn't seem to stop the managers from expecting us to. I don't know. This is all conjecture on an empty stomach and a coffee buzz.

If Cory hadn't taken the car to work, I would have gone shopping for some pants. As it is, I'll probably sit here until it's time to go.

It's freezing in here - the windows are open and the fan's going and it's always colder in the basement than it is outside. Which is OK with me for those days when it's way too hot outside, but right now it's in-between rain showers and my hands are freezing. And I turned on the bedroom baseboard heater but it didn't work. Which won't worry me until wintertime.

I have the most boring journal in the world.
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