Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Today is Orientation at LBCC. Presumably I'm just going to learn how to register online amongst some other things. But it's supposed to take two hours. I can't imagine what needs to be said that would take that long. But whatever.

Graduation was yesterday. It's kind of neat living in a college town - a lot of things revolve around the college kids - apparently lots of places have shorter summer hours because they lose so much business, that sort of thing. Yesterday we saw a ton of people moving out of their dorms and apartments, and Cory lost count of how many UHauls he saw on the way to New Morning to see me. Hopefully the city will be nice and quiet, especially at night, until September. The only downside to it is this: I see a ton of people graduating and it makes me jealous. :) I should have finished college instead of moving to Minnesota. No, I take that back. Minnesota was a really good experience, and if I'd kept going to school I would have gotten a degree in vocal performance, and how the heck would I have been able to use that??

I read Lost by Gregory Maguire (the guy who wrote Wicked and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, which I wanted to read but neither were at the Book Bin) in one day. It disappointed me at the end. I get tired of the formula that he used - too many authors and movie-makers use it.


Whoops, so I didn't post this this morning. So I'll just continue on.

Orientation was just shy of a joke. I got there a bit early and waited, and then some guy and I had to watch a video of this lady in front of a blackboard talking about the placement test and stuff. Partway through, an advisor interrupted us and asked if one of us wanted to see her right now so we didn't have to sit through the video. I jumped at the chance, so she talked to me for five minutes about how to register online. So I wasn't there for more than 40 minutes, rather than the two hours they told me to set aside.

And now comes the daunting task of first making a budget and then registering. I've been looking at classes and almost nothing I want is available. Not because the classes are full, but because I can't find them as even existing. LBCC's website is a pain in the ass.
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