Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yesterday I went to LBCC to talk to an advisor about the classes I need to take and which classes I've already finished. I'm pretty far along, which I'm happy about. I just wish I had the time and the money to go full time and just finish and get my freaking degree already. Ha, I'm already impatient and I haven't even started yet. :D Anyway, the most important thing I learned yesterday at LBCC was that I don't have to get an Associate's Degree in order to go on to OSU - in fact it would be kind of dumb, since LBCC and OSU require different classes, and I'd have like 20 credits from LBCC that I won't need at OSU and that won't transfer over.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the day trying not to be hot, which worked out pretty well. I started picking apart a sweater of Cory's that shrunk - I'm going to make something out of it, but I don't know what yet.

At about twilight we went for a walk to the riverfront. The park down there is gorgeous, especially on a warm summer evening, and Remmy had a lot of fun playing in the grass with her leash and with Cory. It was a beautiful night and I wanted to stay down there forever.

Last night was not a fun sleeping night though. Cory couldn't sleep because the guy two floors above us was outside his apartment on the landing, talking on his cell phone loudly. I didn't hear it, but I woke up when Cory got up to close the window. Heh. Then at about 1:30am the neighbors directly above us started having sex. Their bed is squeaky. For about five minutes straight we could hear SQUEAK squeak SQUEAK squeak SQUEAK squeak - it actually sounded really boring. No moving around, just one rhythmic SQUEAK squeak SQUEAK squeak SQUEAK squeak and then they were done. Partway through I asked Cory if he wanted me to get the broom and whack the ceiling with it so they'd quit, but it was over soon enough and I was too lazy (and too sleepy) to get out of bed anyway.

And now this morning I'm having a bowl of nectarines and milk, and a mug of chai tea, and listening to Cory make up songs in the shower that crack him up. It's a pretty day.
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