Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I'm so bad. I ought to update more. :)

OK, so I have Saturday off and Cory and I are going to go to the beach! We haven't gone in ages and I'm really excited. It shouldn't be too hot either, so hopefully it won't be crowded. But it's a Saturday so I guess I don't know yet.

Been crocheting a lot, and also am almost finished with a patternless bag I'm making for my yoga class. I'm not sure if I love it yet, though, so I may scrap it and try it again. We'll see. It has ties to hold my yoga mat on.

Speaking of yoga, yesterday was supposed to be my first day. I got there a bit early and so did another girl, so we chatted for probably 20 minutes while I thought about how unprofessional a late professor is. The girl went to the registration desk and talked to the lady there for a bit, and then came back and told me that they'd changed the starting date of the class to July 6th. But they neglected to tell us. So now I'm wondering if there are just two of us in the class (which there definitely could be, it being summer term and all) or if everybody else knew that it wasn't supposed to start this week. Dumb. (And now I'm at the site looking at my schedule and I see that it's only July 6 through August 1. What the heck am I taking it for, if I only get to go like four times??)

Yesterday was an interesting day at work. I helped this lady - got her some food and coffee, and she went away to eat it. Then later she came back and asked someone else for a refill of coffee in a to-go cup, which is against our policy. (For the record, coffee is $.95 "for here" and $1.25 or $1.45 "to go." Refills on "for here" coffee is $.35.) So the girl who was helping her told her that, and the lady started swearing at her and freaking out. I didn't really even notice all that much - I knew she was pissed but I didn't pay much attention because she wasn't the first person to get pissed about that. She left, and had been parked right out the front door, so we could see her get in and stew for a couple of minutes (while we all caught each other up on what just happened) and then she came back in and talked to the managers - this time with crutches and with her poor little 5 or 6-year-old boy in tow - and I went off to help other customers who were now staying as far away from her as they could. I heard the lady yell "go ahead and call the police!!" and stalk back out to her van, and one of the managers did end up calling the police, who came and talked to people for awhile and helped the lady calm down and leave. All this over $1.25. Including making her poor little boy watch her while she made a fool out of herself.

Anyway, now I think I'm going to need to find a different yoga class, as well as register for fall classes and look for another part-time job - or maybe even another job that pays better. Hah. Off I go.
Tags: drama, new morning
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