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Yesterday, I worked in the morning but left in the early afternoon because it was so quiet at work. If we had stayed open until after 11, we probably would have gotten a ton of customers, but I'm glad I got to be home most of the day. When I got home, Cory was gone, so I vacuumed and washed the bathroom floor and tried to be generally productive. And when Cory got home, I washed the car, which needed it badly. I should have vacuumed out the inside, but I wasn't quite feeling THAT productive.

We walked a lot yesterday too. We went to the park in front of the Memorial Union on OSU's campus and let Remmy run around in the grass while I crocheted in the shade. I finished the panels on my crochet skirt while we were there, which made me happy. More on that later. Then we walked all the way to the other side of campus (we live on 9th, we walked to 35th) to see if we could find the OSU Foundation because Cory's thinking about applying for a job there, but when we got to 35th we realized the OSU Foundation was way on the other end of the street so we didn't bother. When we were almost home, we stopped at the fountain in front of the library and Remmy got in, lied down, and drank a bunch of water. It was funny. Poor thing was worn out from playing with the ball in the soccer field as we walked back from 35th.

After dinner and TV's Independence Day movie with Will Smith (during which I sewed one of the panels onto the skirt and realized now they're too big and I needed to make them half the size, so I "unsewed" them and then ripped out the crocheting so I can start again) we walked down to the waterfront to see the fireworks. There were lots of people down there, and I was kind of nervous because people in the crowd were setting off illegal fireworks right in the middle of everybody. (There was a space where people were doing it, it wasn't completely in the middle of a throng of people, but afterwards people were holding lit Roman Candles in their hands as they followed the crowd out of the waterfront area.) I was really worried someone was going to accidentally get me in the back with one of those fireworks. So I didn't have the best time, but that's OK. When we got home we went to bed and heard college kids lighting more fireworks off for quite awhile.

Today I'm having Cory fill out an application for me (well, I filled it out, he's just typing it and printing it all pretty for me) for a new job I'm applying for - police clerk for the Albany PD. I'm really really excited to apply for this job. I want it so badly.

Breakfast time!
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