Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We suddenly have kind of a busy couple of days, socially. I'm really happy about that - it'll be nice to chat with friends.

Tonight Adam and Laura are coming over for the first time since we all moved (they moved from Newberg to Kaiser at the same time we moved to Corvallis). We're having pasta with vodka sauce and some salad and I'm going to load up the bread machine with italian herb bread so it'll be ready when I get home from work.

Tomorrow morning Mike is coming down to go to DaVinci Days with us. We haven't seen him since he helped us move. So he'll spend the day with us, and I have the day off so that'll be nice. I'd like to go pick blueberries too but I'm not sure that we'll do that.

Next week we may go to Mt. Rainier since our National Parks Pass expires at the end of this month, and Cory's been wanting to take me up there for ages. So depending on what days I have off this week, we'll take a day trip up there.

This morning I checked our mailbox and found a little square of paper had been stuffed into it, along with everybody else's in the building. It was an invitation to a party in the basement of the house across the street. It starts at 9:30 - is that late, or am I just an old lady? At any rate, if they can't respect their neighbors by keeping the pounding music down, we'll be calling the police. I'm sure I sound like a spoilsport, but my parties don't involve keeping everybody within a two-block radius up all night.

In other news, I just got word from Cory's aunt that the maps for the book will be in the mail as of this afternoon, so I finally get to start binding fairly soon! I'm excited.
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