Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

So, remember my story about yoga, how I got there and nobody else was there and I found out that it was rescheduled, and I dropped it because it wasn't worth it?

Well, Cory and I got to class on time (after rushing home and scarfing dinner and not even letting the dog run at the park) and waited for the instructor... and waited and waited and waited. At quarter after a couple of kids left, and at 20 past a couple more left, and we left to see if we could go to the bookstore (because I realized all these kids had textbooks and we didn't - I thought the study guide was the only thing we needed). The bookstore was closed, so we figured we'd go back up at 6:30 to see if the instructor was back yet. We went back into the lecture room and the other students were writing a note to the instructor on the dry erase board so they could leave too. So we left.

I was rather ticked off all evening because of that. Two classes in a row. My outlook has definitely changed as far as school goes - now that I'm paying for the stupid class (and I can't afford to pay for an instructor that doesn't feel like showing up) I care more about what happens. :)

So since I got home a lot earlier than I thought I would, I ran to Precision Cuts and chopped about six-and-a-half inches off the ends of my hair. It now just barely hits my shoulders in the back. I think it's short enough that I don't have to put it up at work anymore (but I'm going to be using hairpins to keep it out of my face). I think it looks cute - and now that it doesn't have all that weight on it, it curls up naturally.

In two hours I'll be at Papas Pizza learning about alcohol. (If the dang instructor shows up, that is!) I'm not especially looking forward to it.
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