Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Last night I dreamed I had a newborn baby boy. He was probably 30 or 40 pounds, but I didn't remember having him, I just remembered leaving the hospital the same day after giving birth to him. I didn't know any of his details, though, like how much he weighed or how long he was, because I'd forgotten to ask the doctors before I left. And I didn't name him, either. He was just this big heavy sack of potatoes, to me, apparently. :D I put him in his car seat (like a toddler car seat where he sat up with the straps on) and bundled him up, and drove around, and kept forgetting to get him out of the car when I went places. Then at one point I was walking around with Tom Cruise, with his arm around me and mine around his all buddy-like, and we were chatting, and all of a sudden I remembered I'd left the baby in the car, and I ran to it and opened the door and took the plastic off the baby's head (apparently I'd wrapped his head tightly in a black garbage bag or something) and he was dead. I wasn't all that broken up about it, even though he was only like a day old.

I'm so weird.
Tags: dreams
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